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Plotty Plots for the "What If?" Virus
truthinfortune wrote in triple_d_ooc
Okay, so the "What If?" virus is coming up, and I was trying to think of something to do with Naoto when a brilliant idea hit me. What if Naoto Shirogane came from a family of phantom thieves instead of a family of detectives? He could don the mantle of the infamous "Man of Twenty Faces," a sort of modern day Robin Hood with a soft spot for beautiful women and a penchant for stealing kisses. He'd reveal to the community at large that "Naoto Shirogane" was simply one of his many masks, and that he was using that persona to learn more about the community and plan his next heist.

So! What to do with him? Maybe plan some kinda contest among the other phantom thieves and detectives on the comm, perhaps? Nothing too serious or complicated. It's all just for fun! Like, who can steal the most number of kisses from girls on the comm? Or the most number of panties?

So, fellow detectives and phantom thieves (and canon mates). Thoughts? Opinions? I really want to make this work somehow! Just because it'd be hilarious to see Naoto on the opposite side of the law, for once.

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Ahahah, Issei would wtf if Naoto were to suddenly start acting like a thief. I wholeheartedly endorse it.

Yessssss. I need to get an icon of, like, Tuxedo Mask to use for "Man of Twenty Faces." He'd pretty much be a black version of Kaitou Kid, with a half-mask instead of a monocle.

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Well, if he is around, a little friendly competition?

Oh. Wait. Dude. Idea. What if Kaito became a detective for the "What If?" virus....?

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Kurama's not a "phantom" thief, but he is a thiefy! I'm not sure what's gonna happen with the even... scratch that, just got an idea.

Yes, I wholeheartedly support this idea and you'll have Kurama to compete with.

Also, if you need a "thief Naoto" icon... might I direct you to the manga of Gorgeous Carat and the Phantom Thief Noir?

Sweeeeeeeeeeeet. Stealing kisses is fun!

Oh, pretty~ I just wanna use one icon for when he's actually wearing the mask. Don't really have all that much space left...

I'm not sure if I will be available for the virus due to my semi hiatus, but yes that would be amazing.

What can I do with Hakuba? he needs to be evil >:)Like being a Moriarty fan instead of Holmes and create his own Evil organization.

It's all good. We all miss out sometimes.

FFFFFFFFT OH GAWD THAT WOULD BE HILARIOUS. I totally endorse that idea, if you end up doing it!

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I would like to mention that I approve of this whole idea.

Hee, thanks! Expect Karen to get charmed by Man of Twenty Faces. XD

This should be interesting. I approve! Now I'm wondering what to do with Mello for this virus.

Hooray! I knew this would be a good idea! Uh... What if Mello and his partner never broke up? idk

THAT WOULD BE FUN AND I APPROVE. I was thinking of having Rise's be what if she never won that idol competition, so she will probably be generally *A* over such a suave individual.

Oh, crap. Then Naoto wouldn't be able to refer to her as being an idol. This will still work!

Also, what would Rise consider her most "valuable treasure"? Naoto plans to heist Yosuke, Rise, Kanji, and Yukiko, one each night, and take their most valued treasure. If they want to get it returned, Naoto demands a kiss. Of course, if your character has issues with kissing, once the virus wears off, Naoto will return anything he stole.

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